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Ecotrade is a company from Prishtina, Kosovo and has been active for more than three decades in providing goods and services to the mining and energy sector in Kosovo. Ecotrade has a very focused field of activity: equipment and services for lignite mining and lignite-fired power generation. In performing our activities, we have strict policy on providing best quality to our clients. We have respect for the Law, Standards, Environment, and People we work with. While respecting our commitment for quality we have always worked with the best equipment and service providers. We are the official representatives for some of global companies for the territories of Republic of Kosovo and Albania. We are constantly looking to widen our scope of our deliveries and services by making new partners while respecting integrity of our

existing relationships. Our strategy is to maintain our leading position as goods and services provider to lignite mining and power generation sector in Kosovo. We have performed activities related to procurement, engineering, commissioning, project management, supervision, permitting, testing, transport, customs, insurance, and different works and services such as excavation, demolition, construction, waste handling, scaffolding, welding, sandblasting and corrosion protection, site preparation and management of large teams of workers.


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