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Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren is an innovation center founded in 2017 in Prizren, that aims to develop and promote a digital ecosystem in the area of Prizren by interconnecting sciensce and education with the industrial and business sector, mainly focusing on modern job creation in the various fields of information and communication technology (ICT).

Founded by professionals of the fields of technology and business, Makerspace Prizren has been offering support through some components as: vocational education and training programs, start-up incubation & entrepreneurship support, coworking spaces and makerslab – creative industry lab. Organized in groups and departments, Makerspace Prizren tends to promote innovation and digital transformation to businesses, provide trainings with modern curriculum in cutting-edge fields, offer a safe workspace fully equipped with resources to the community in the field of technology, encourage youth aged over sixteen (16) for after- school learning of technical and soft skills, as well as create a safe environment to foster continuous research and development.

Makerspace - Innovation Center Prizren has recently joined the Innovation&Training Park (ITP) Prizren, and has premises of more than 750 m2 acting as a dynamic catalyst to fullfil the vision towards creation of a safe digital ecosystem in the region.


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