This is the congratulatory message for the 20th anniversary of the Zoran Djindjic Scholarship Program from the executive director of KDWV, Nora Hasani

Nora Hasani, Executive Director of OEGJK-KDWV

20 Years of Empowering Leaders: The Impact of the Zoran Djindjic Scholarship Program in Kosovo

Kosovo became a partner country of the program in 2009, and since then, we have had 76 scholarship recipients from Kosovo. These talented individuals have pursued their academic and professional dreams in fields such as engineering, law, finance, and economics, among others. The program has enabled them to gain new skills and knowledge, develop a broad network of contacts across Europe and beyond, and pursue careers that make a positive impact in Kosovo and the wider region.

The scholarship recipients have made significant contributions to Kosovo’s development and progress. Many of them have secured employment in prestigious companies and organizations. Others have launched their own businesses and startups, creating jobs and contributing to Kosovo’s economic growth. Their diverse experiences and international perspectives have enabled them to bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to their work, and have helped to improve the quality of services and products offered in Kosovo.

The Zoran Djindjic Scholarship Program has also fostered lasting relationships between Kosovo and other countries in the region and Europe. The program’s alumni network is an invaluable resource for Kosovo and the wider region, providing a platform for cooperation, collaboration, and exchange of knowledge and expertise. The alumni have initiated and participated in various projects and initiatives that aim to address some of the most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges facing our region.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Zoran Djindjic Scholarship Program, we can look back with pride at the program’s achievements in Kosovo and the Western Balkans. We can also look forward with hope and optimism, knowing that the program will continue to inspire and support the next generation of leaders and change-makers in our region.