TelOS Labs

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TelOS Labs

TelOS Labs is an ICT engineering company based in Europe with a presence in the EU and US while our main operations center is based in Pristina Southeast Europe, from where we support our customers across the world. We have extensive experience in change management within the ICT services arena at all levels. We collaborate with contractors to augment their level 2-4 technical teams. We therefore can take an outsider’s view of the business requirements and changes required in this difficult, demanding, and potentially hugely profitable period. In addition, we partner with many companies in the ICT space including Vendors in Enterprise and Carrier spaces. Our engineering staff has enabled our partners to undertake major changes to their services and for their customers. At TelOS Labs, we offer our customers the opportunity to decrease their operating costs and increase productivity while supplying high-quality services. On the top, we have a customer-centric mindset as we are relentlessly focused on putting our customers and partners at the center of all that we do.



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