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The company "TOLA-B&N " was founded in 1973 as a family business led by deceased Ruzhdi Tolaj.

In the beginning the TOLA company had been functioned with a single person until the year 1980, till the second brother decided to join the company after he had finished the secondary school on the field of Machinery.

The TOLA company its activities in doing business had started using primitive tools at that time on processing metal sheets, with the scissors, pliers, with the iron and wooden hammers, manual presses and with the help of handy tools they had managed to finish very important works for households such as wooden stoves, metal sheets for baking doughs, shovels, different jars for water, buckets for wells, ovens for baking coffees, troughs for laundries as well as many different other useful products at that time.

The TOLA company has continued this form of functioning until 1981, when it's been made a serious investments, investing on manual Machinery such as: Abkant Machine, round and screen Machine. And, wih these machines they continued working until 1983.

Since 1984 the third brother had joined into the working staff in short - terms because of being busy of studies. In the same year it was investing in a manual Machine Abkant 2m type. And, thanks to these investments we had managed to do great jobs such as: the angle gutters works, vertical pipes in the quadratic forms, sideways part of the roofs, edges on the roofs, the coating of the chimneys with sheet metal in preventing from the moisture, holders for the gutters, holders for the vertical pipes and window shelters.

In 1985, I as an owner Behar Tola, had rejoining to the working staff with not full time of engagement because of my unfinished studies in which I had to attend it until 1987, which I finally had finished my secondary technical school on the Machinery field.

It's worth to mention here since 1989 we had finished works such as a Mill in Mamusha, the religious object in Rahovec-the small mosque of Sheh Sylejman, there had been done fixing works of the gutters in arches shape, according to the directives of an German expert (the metal sheet and copper was imported from Germany).

Based on the not availability of doing business in the 90's. In November of the 1998 due to circumstances I have manage to migrate in Germany, where I have had finished the mastery school for the metal sheet, which lasted 2 years. And, later that helped us a lot to be more experienced in this field compares to others.

In 2003 we also finished many different works as well, and being in good cooperation with new clients such are KOSOVA-TERM, ALBA-TERM, MULLIRI-MILL-JAZI etc. There were also some works completed of isolation of the heating pipes at some departments of the regional Hospital in Prizren, and, works in some elementary and secondary schools.

It's worth to mention the works in small mosque in Damjan (The Has region)covering of domes in the small mosque of Sheh Xhafer in Junik, then finishing works of ventilation for transportation of wood waste in the company of KORENICA in Rahovec, as well as ELNOR company along the highway route Shkup-Prishtina.

In 2008 there had been the installation of pipes with hot air and installation of the ventilators at the baking ovens in the Block factory RIZAM HOLDING in Krusha e Vogel. Well, as you can see TOLA-B&N has been sealed the quality of its work with the very professional staff and which is always ready to facing with the new challenges of contemporary life and in the same time to made guarantees of longevity for its products.

Now, whith TOLA-B&N, a new object is located in Landovica and with the new investments of the modern technology. Recently, we have been investing mainly on processing of gutters, vertical pipes Ø120, Ø100, Ø80mm and to other following parts.




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